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Doctor OnCall addresses the root cause of NHS waiting times and provides fast access to a virtual GP for employees, including onward referral into other selected Lime services.

What's included?

Digital GP Access via telephone

Get an appointment in as soon as 1 Hour – with flexible choices

Private prescription service available

Digitally managed via the OnCall platform

Onward referral into other Lime services



Support the NHS, keep employees in work and provide healthcare access to your whole population.


Provide employees with fast access to a GP which can support better outcomes and relieve health anxiety.



Fast answers is a  springboard into other essential services that Lime offer.

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Cancer Navigator

Protecting employees and organisations against the devastating impact of cancer.

Designed for employees that are not traditionally offered private medical insurance or a valuable addition for those with limited cover.

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Rapid Diagnostics

Providing fast and direct access to a private network of state of the art facilities

Rapid, and we mean rapid diagnostics was built to reduce typically long waiting times when an employee requires diagnostic testing to support their journey on an NHS or private pathway.


OnCall Platform

Explore the user-friendliness of our platform. Whether you're using an employee or admin login, you'll discover that it's simple, straightforward, and remarkably intuitive.

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