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Health Insurance, Reimagined

For our CEO, Shaun Williams, first-hand experience handing over Life insurance cheques to bereaved families following a mining disaster in his native Australia, formed the bedrock of his career. Meeting and supporting families who had lost loved-ones crystallised Shaun’s belief that insurance has the power to do incredible good in society. Fast forward a few decades and Shaun’s career has been driven to do good though insurance, supplying life and health insurance to as many people as possible. 

“Proud of what insurance can do for society, frustrated at how it's delivered.”

Determined to use insurance make society more resilient but frustrated with how most firms treat customers, Shaun was convinced that technology had a significant role to play. That’s why in 2012 he founded Lime Health.

Lime Health was formed to make insurance more human, taking out the costs and inefficiencies commonplace in the industry, reimagining how insurance products are designed and distributed, making high quality cover more accessible to more people, more often.

Developing a proprietary technology ‘stack’ and focusing on solving common health challenges faced by ordinary employees, Lime Health is uniquely positioned to make a meaningful impact on employee health, happiness and productivity. 

Benefiting employees, benefitting business and benefitting society.

“Small changes can have large impacts; we want to help people suffering from sickness to get back into work by offering solutions to those who can least afford not to work.” 

 Shaun Williams

CEO and Founder of Lime Health

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