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Health insurance for the whole workforce, protecting employees and organisations against the devastating impact of cancer.

Designed for employees that are not traditionally offered private medical insurance or a valuable addition for those with limited cover.

What's included?

Line manager and organisational cancer framework

A cash lump sum of £6,840 (12x£570) for newly diagnosed employees

2 Years of dedicated pathway navigation and support for diagnosed employees, loved ones and colleagues with an assigned case nurse (3)

Employees with an existing diagnosis will receive 2 years of case nurse led pathway navigation and support (2)

(1) Macmillan identified the extra cost of living with cancer was £570 per month, so we provide 1 payment of £6,840 (12 x £570).

(2) For those already diagnosed, the navigation service is typically used during  diagnosis and active treatment phases of a cancer pathway, frequently in the initial 6 months.

(3) Typical cancer pathway is 18 months

(4) Indicative cost is based on an average UK gender mix and is inclusive of standard rate IPT

Problems it solves



Cancer is a protected characteristic under the  Equality Act 2010, yet 37% of employees with cancer faced discrimination at work.



£570 a Month is the average rise in living cost when diagnosed with cancer (1)



2.7% / 900,000 of the working population in the UK currently have cancer


2.7% / 900,000 of the working population in the UK currently have cancer


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Rapid Diagnostics

Providing fast and direct access to a private network of state of the art facilities

Rapid, and we mean rapid diagnostics was built to reduce typically long waiting times when an employee requires diagnostic testing to support their journey on an NHS or private pathway.


OnCall Platform

Explore the user-friendliness of our platform. Whether you're using an employee or admin login, you'll discover that it's simple, straightforward, and remarkably intuitive.

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