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Employee Healthcare

Made affordable for your
Whole Workforce

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Lime Health
Home of
Whole of Workforce

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Pick and Mix the employee healthcare solutions that suit your needs and budget

Lime Health offers a range of modular insurance products that can be purchased as a standalone solution or interconnected bundle

All employee health benefit solutions priced between £1-10 Per Employee Per Month

Too often, direct access to healthcare is out of reach for the majority of employees, Lime Health changes that

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Built for faster diagnosis, practical support and a healthy return to work

Our products target the overwhelmed parts of the NHS and replace them with solutions that act as a bridge back into the NHS

How Lime Health Works

Traditional private employee health insurance has been largely unaffordable for the whole workforce, until now...

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NHS Bottle Necks and Health Provision Gaps

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Employee Access to Healthcare and Support

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it all through One, Fully Automated Digital Portal

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Explore our interconnected employee health benefits

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Acceleration Phase

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Treatment Phase

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Super Simple, User Friendly Digital Platform at Your Fingertips

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A new category

Lime Health is a brand new category of digital, interconnected healthcare services, accessed via just one site and one login. Sustainably priced with zero excess and no need for reimbursement faff.


Lime Health specialise in providing our innovative solutions to medium-large size companies with a minimum of 100 employees. This ensures that our comprehensive healthcare offerings are tailored to meet the specific needs and scale of these organisations.

Shaun Williams, who founded Lime Health in 2012, has spent his whole career in the financial services industry. He’s seen what works well and what doesn’t.

"It’s clear that traditional private health insurance (PMI) is too complicated and too expensive for most employers to offer to their whole workforce, this needs to change. At Lime Health, we believe everyone's health is important from the CEO to the call centre. So that’s why Lime was created and we are on a mission to offer all employees access to high quality, digitally enabled healthcare"

Shaun Williams, Lime Health CEO, staff isnurance, private helath insurance, employee health benefits

Shaun Williams
CEO, Founder

Partner with

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and join our network of employers who are already taking the step into whole of workforce healthcare

Benefit from

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Sustainable Pricing

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In Depth Account Management

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Comprehensive Reporting



Reach out to us, and let's initiate a dialogue on how, together, we can transform "Whole of Workforce" healthcare into a cost-effective investment that drives your business performance forward.

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