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Collaboration Announcement

Updated: Apr 15

Lime partners with WTW to offer exciting ‘Whole of Workforce’ health solutions

Lime International Health (Lime Health) Ltd proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with WTW, a global leader in risk advisory, people and capital solutions.

Unveiling a revolutionary ‘Whole of Workforce’ (WoW) approach to employee health, this collaboration marks a significant milestone in Lime’s mission to make healthcare more accessible and inclusive for millions more employees.

WoW Health is poised to redefine the employee benefits narrative for British business, setting a new standard. With the majority of employees reliant on an increasingly stretched NHS, the Lime proposition is deliberately designed to meet the essential health needs of an increasingly complex and demanding workforce. WTW will introduce the Lime Health proposition to their client portfolios, reflecting a shared vision of transforming the benefits landscape and paving the way for a more inclusive, healthy, and productive workforce.

"Lime is delighted to collaborate with WTW to provide the WoW health product set to their clients. This partnership underscores our commitment to revolutionising the way healthcare benefits are provided, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for every employee. We are confident that this collaboration will set a new standard in employee health benefits" Shaun Williams, CEO, Lime Health
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For more information about the Whole of Workforce health proposition and our partnership with WTW, please contact us.




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