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Building a Stronger Workforce: Why MSK Health Support Matters and How Employee Healthcare Benefits Can Help

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We all know the feeling – that nagging backache after a long day hunched over a desk, waking up with a sore neck, or achy knees after climbing countless stairs. Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, affecting muscles, bones, and joints, are a daily challenge for many of us. The truth is, this isn’t just a personal inconvenience, but a growing concern for businesses too.

The Rise of MSK Issues: A Workplace Challenge

whole of workforce health benefits

Statistics paint a concerning picture. Musculoskeletal problems are among the most common medical conditions, affecting one in three people in the UK and 10% of the working population.[1] This high prevalence translates directly into challenges for businesses, and in fact MSK problems are the main reason for individuals to be absent from work around the world.[2] A 2023 report by the Office for National Statistics reveals that over 23 million workdays were lost in 2021 due to MSK issues alone.[3] The economic impact is just as significant, with estimates suggesting costs exceeding £3.43 billion by 2030 due to MSK-related losses in productivity. This doesn’t begin to cover indirect costs, such as overtime and replacement wages or the cost of modifying workstations and equipment.

The problem is expected to worsen due to population growth and ageing, leading to a significant increase in the number of people living with MSK conditions and associated limitations.[4] This worrying trend not only affects individuals’ physical and mental health but also has a ripple effect, impacting productivity and profitability. Long wait times for treatment further exacerbate the problem, leaving people in pain, frustrated, with limited mobility or dexterity. This, naturally, leads to absenteeism, early retirement and presenteeism (being physically present but not fully productive).

Empowering People: The Role of MSK Employee Healthcare Benefits

whole of workforce health benefits

The good news is, employers can take action that has a real impact. MSK benefits are more than just a box ticking exercise – they empower employees to take charge of their musculoskeletal health. When employees are equipped to manage their MSK health, they're able to be more engaged and focused, leading to a more positive and productive work environment.

Beyond Cost Savings: The Transformative Power of MSK Support

Investing in MSK support for employees extends far beyond financial savings resulting from reduced absenteeism. Studies have shown a direct link between MSK support, and improved employee health and wellbeing, increased productivity, performance and retention.[5]  Imagine a world where employees have access to resources that can help them prevent injuries, manage existing conditions, and recover faster. This is the power of comprehensive, whole of workforce MSK benefits.

Introducing Physio Navigator: Accessible Solutions for a Healthier Workforce

whole of workforce health benefits

So, how do we get there? Innovative tools like Physio Navigator are revolutionising the way MSK conditions are addressed. By offering immediate online access to self-service treatment plans Physio Navigator empowers employees to address MSK issues promptly, avoiding lengthy waiting times and minimising disruption to their health, and their work.

For cases requiring a more in-depth approach, the option for face-to-face physiotherapy appointments ensures employees receive the personalised care they need. As a standalone employee benefit, Physio Navigator is affordable and accessible to your entire workforce, offering a cost-effective way to put employees’ health front and centre, fostering a culture of wellbeing that benefits everyone.

Invest in a Healthier Workforce

MSK issues are a significant concern, impacting both employees and employers. By offering comprehensive MSK benefits and innovative yet affordable solutions like Physio Navigator, businesses can empower their workforce to take charge of their health, creating a win-win situation. Improved employee health translates to reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and a more positive work environment.[6]

Ready to build a stronger, healthier workforce? As the home of whole of workforce healthcare benefits, Lime Health is ready to work with you to support every employee’s MSK health in a way that really makes a difference. Together, Let's unlock the power of MSK support to help your employees and your business thrive.



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