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Revolutionising Employee Health Benefits: Lime Health and eMed partner to bring primary care services to every employee

At Lime Health, we are dedicated to reimagining healthcare for the whole workforce. We believe in leveraging technology to provide rapid, relevant, and accessible care for all employees, ensuring a healthier and more productive workplace.

Transforming Healthcare Access: Introducing Digital access to Primary care services by Lime Health and eMed

employee health benefits, announcement, partnership, whole of workforce healthcare, health essentials

We are excited to announce a transformative partnership with eMed, a leader in digital health solutions. Together, we are leveraging eMed’s revolutionary Digital access to Primary care services as part of our Health Essentials package, designed to streamline healthcare access for employees, enabling them to receive the right care at the right time.

Addressing Critical Bottlenecks in Primary Healthcare

GP appointments have become a significant bottleneck within the NHS, with many patients experiencing delays of two to four weeks for consultations​ (NHS)​​ (htn)​. This delay has led to increased absenteeism and decreased productivity in the workplace.

Health Essentials tackles this problem head-on by ensuring employees can connect with the appropriate healthcare professional based on their symptoms. Whether they need a Physiotherapist, prescribing Pharmacist, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Mental Health Practitioner or GP appointments, the right specialist can be booked within an hour. This not only speeds up access to care but also ensures that employees receive the most relevant and effective treatment promptly.

A Major Leap Forward for Workforce Health through Employee Health Benefits

The partnership between Lime Health and eMed marks a significant advancement in making healthcare more accessible and efficient for the workforce. By providing rapid access to appropriate clinical care, we are helping employees recover faster and reducing the growing issue of workplace absence on a global scale.

Shaun Williams, CEO and Founder of Lime Health, on the Partnership:

employee health benefits, announcement, partnership, whole of workforce healthcare, health essentials

"Our collaboration with eMed represents a transformative step in workforce healthcare. By integrating a clear digital pathway into our services, we are empowering employees with immediate access to the care they need, ensuring they stay healthy and productive. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to harnessing technology for the greater good, making high-quality healthcare accessible and efficient for everyone."

Eric Benazech, VP Sales and Business Development at eMed:

employee health benefits, announcement, partnership, whole of workforce healthcare, health essentials

“Our partnership with Lime Health represents an important milestone in our mission to offer Convenient and Affordable Healthcare and Wellbeing services to the whole workforce. Together we are addressing the expectations of millions of individuals and workers in the UK struggling to have access to primary care services through the NHS and not being in a position to afford a private Health Insurance or Cover.”

About Lime Health

Founded by Shaun Williams, Lime Health leverages decades of insurance industry experience to make high-quality coverage accessible. By eliminating inefficiencies through technology, Lime Health benefits individuals, businesses, and society at large. With a fresh perspective on product design and development, Lime Health is redefining insurance accessibility, specifically tailoring it to accelerate healthcare for all workforces through employee health benefits.

PR contact: Lime Health: Shaun Williams,


About eMed

Our mission is to democratise healthcare through our market-leading digital-first primary care service and chronic healthcare management solutions. Whether through our private 24/7 primary care service, or GP at Hand, the largest UK GP practice as part of the NHS family, or our partnerships with companies like Lime Health, we give our members a better way to access the care they need, from wherever they are.

Our healthcare service offers 24/7 primary care with quick access to specialists with a range of expertise, including GPs, nurses, pharmacists, physios and mental health practitioners. We provide market-leading virtual appointment availability.

Our services are tried and trusted, with over 1.2 million appointments annually, and our members love us, with over 93% of consultations receiving a 5-star rating.

Find out more about our Health Essentials:

employee health benefits, announcement, partnership, whole of workforce healthcare, health essentials


Find out more about our Health Essentials employee health benfefit:




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