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Discover the convenience and recognition provided by Lime Health's badging program. Proudly showcase your commitment to the holistic health of your workforce. Use our badges you earn on your website, email signature, or social media platforms to demonstrate your inclusivity and dedication to the well-being of all your employees

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Attend one of our webinars, take part in the Cancer Readiness Review program and earn this badge to show you care, and you are aware of cancer in the workplace

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Claim this badge if you have our Cancer Navigator product, or you have cancer in the workplace policy in place, and you took and passed our Cancer Readiness Review

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This badge shows that you care about your employees and you help them accelerating access to their essential healthcare by our Doctor On Call or/and Rapid Diagnostic products

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Say it loud, say it proud with this badge that you have private healthcare for your whole  workforce, your organisation democratised healthcare

How whole of workforce healthcare
supports your organisation?

Talk to us and claim your badge now!

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