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Health Services with a BIG Impact
But a
Small Price Tag

Lime OnCall is our carefully curated range of digital health insurance. Super affordable so no one is left behind.  

Designed to have the greatest positive impact on employee health, accelerating access, addressing NHS bottlenecks (like diagnostic tests) as well as areas that private medical insurance can overlook (like the unwelcome financial burden a cancer diagnosis can bring)





No Excess

We never charge an excess, and we don’t use a reimbursement model.

No Fluff

Employees always know where they stand so there’s never any faffing about with receipts and nothing further for employees to pay.

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Doctor OnCall addresses the root cause of NHS delays in primary care, providing fast access to a virtual GP, including smart signposting into adjacent health services. 

Doctor On Call

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Rapid Diagnostics

Providing fast, efficient access to private diagnostic facilities including MRI scans and x-rays. 

Rapid diagnostics was built to reduce long NHS waiting times, accelerating an employee's healthcare journey toward diagnosis and treatment.  

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Cancer Navigator

Protecting employees and organisations against the risks and devastation of cancer. Designed for employees not typically offered private medical insurance or a valuable addition for those with limited cover. 

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