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Why Lime?
Why take action?

For any organisation, the physical and mental health of employees (the Whole Workforce) is now seen as a source of competitive advantage. Those with the most impactful health and wellbeing strategies are demonstrably outstripping competitors, at pace*.

A healthier, happier workforce means better productivity, greater engagement and a lasting, positive impact on your bottom line.

According to a study by the university of Oxford and SAID business school, happy employees were 13% more productive.

‘We found that when workers are happier, they work faster by making more calls per hour worked and, importantly, convert more calls to sales.’ 


With huge shifts in the workforce, in wider society and the increasing burden on the NHS, many organsiations are struggling to find solutions.  For many employees relying on the NHS is not only frustrating but it affecting their ability to work.

Despite every other facet of our lives becoming digitised, health, whether public or private has remained largely analogue.  As a result, costs are too high and speed is too slow. 

For too long, the available solutions to help employees stay in control of their health have been too expensive or so restrictive they help only a tiny fraction of those that need it most.

And with digitization in virtually every area of our private and working lives, health has somehow remained the last bastion of analogue, further contributing to the sense of chaos, inefficiency and the immense cost. Its no wonder that you felt like genuine options to support the health of your whole workforce were limited.

No longer. Lime can make a genuine difference to the health and wellbeing of your whole workforce from just £1 per employee per month.

From GP appointments to cancer, isn’t it time you took action to reduce risk, improve productivity and make your employees happier and healthier?

Case Study One

Being Cancer Ready

Lime support several large retailers in improving their whole of workforce ‘Cancer Readiness’. In practice, this means some of the largest employers in the UK choosing a very human-focused approach to health risk mitigation. Working with Lime this has been achieved in two easy steps.

Step one: Introducing affordable cancer insurance (Lime Cancer Navigator) for all employees, designed for those not typically offered expensive company medical insurance, including those already diagnosed.


Step two: ‘Whole of workforce’ healthcare consulting to minimise the risk of workplace health discrimination,  creating a cancer friendly workplace for those diagnosed, their co-workers and line managers.

Case Study Two

Beating the Waiting

With NHS waiting lists now at an estimated 7.6m the impact on ordinary employees is inevitable, particularly when it comes to the bottleneck in diagnostic testing.


Worried about the impact on mental and physical health, a large construction-retail firm felt all of its 10,000 employees should benefit from faster access to tests and scans, not just those covered by their existing private medical insurance (PMI). So they turned to Lime for help. Lime introduced Rapid Diagnostics enabling all employees access to faster private alternatives.


Employees who had already been waiting months in limbo were able to receive their results in just a few days. Not only alleviating months of worry but speeding up the next stage of their healthcare pathway. In practical terms, at £8 per employee per month this was around 10% of the cost of their existing insurance.

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