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Whole of Workforce



is the single biggest factor holding back most organisations
from offering
meaningful healthcare benefits
to the whole
So we’ve changed the game and turned
private healthcare on its head

Illustration about how Lime Health make employee benefits, employee health benefits affordable
The essence, corea of Lime Health, illustrated by a weighting scale, expressing that health cover, employee health benefits, employee healthcare benefits, private health insurance for employees and  for whole of workfroce is more affordable than health cover for a part of the workforce

Why protect only 20% of your biggest asset?

Most organisations offer medical insurance to around 10-20% of their employees. We know many employers want to do more to support their whole workforce. 

Our research shows that employees are increasingly asking for that support too.  More than half of those we asked said that they would like their employers to do more for their physical and  or mental health.

Refreshingly Affordable
Deliberately Different

We know employees are struggling, many are anxious about their health and this is having a significant impact on their health and happiness, as well as their ability to perform in the workplace.

By leveraging Lime Health’s game changing technology stack and expertise in technology, healthcare and insurance,  our solutions are simpler, more efficient and  around 10% of the cost of traditional medical insurance.

One third of UK workers are suffering with a health concern that they have not sought medical help for due to anxiety over NHS waiting lists*


Half of those we asked said that they are not coping in their daily life*


One in five say that they are suffering from burnout*


Lime Health accelerates health access, acts like a toll road to take working people faster to being better, an effective, impactful employee health benefit, employee benefits, private healthcare for whole of workforce

We think good healthcare should work like a motorway, getting people where they need to be faster. Delays are taking their toll on employees and impacting business.

Lime Health is like choosing a motorway toll for the whole workforce. For a very affordable cost all employees get fairer, faster access to the healthcare they need when they need it. 

Positively impacting productivity

Reducing sickness absence

Alleviating pressure on the NHS

Whole of Workforce

Our mantra is simple: "Whole of Workforce",  we stand up for the 80% earning under 30k, so no one is left behind. Our expertise in health, technology and insurance is the driving force behind our mission to make a real impact on the health of UK Plc. 

Lime Health logo
Lime Health OnCall product logo, employee benefits, employee health benefits, employee healthcare benefits, private healthcare for employees and for whole of worforce
Faster, fairer private health for every employee. Focused where the NHS is under the most pressure and where private alternatives can make the biggest difference. 
Lime Health Doctor On Call product logo

Doctor OnCall addresses the root cause of NHS delays in primary care, providing fast access to a virtual GP, including smart signposting into adjacent health services. 

Doctor On Call

Lime Health Rapid Diagnostics product logo employee benefits, employee health benefits, employee healthcare benefits, private healthcare for employees and for whole of worforce

Rapid Diagnostics

Providing fast, efficient access to private diagnostic facilities including MRI scans and x-rays. 

Rapid diagnostics was built to reduce long NHS waiting times, accelerating an employee's healthcare journey toward diagnosis and treatment.  

Lime Health Cancer Navigator product logo employee benefits, employee health benefits, employee healthcare benefits, private healthcare for employees and for whole of worforce

Cancer Navigator

Protecting employees and organisations against the risks and devastation of cancer. Designed for employees not typically offered private medical insurance or a valuable addition for those with limited cover. 


Our Partners in Whole of Workforce Health

Lime Health and Reba partnership
Lime Health and Reframe partnership
Lime Health and WTW, Willis Tower Watson partnership
Lime Health and Benefex partnership

Gethin Nadin

Director of Employee Wellbeing


For many companies, resources are limited and it can prove difficult to offer protection benefits to the whole workforce. We believe that the introduction of Lime’s products onto our platform will provide employers with an alternative, giving employees the option of purchasing affordable protection and providing a tangible impact on employee wellbeing.



Reach out to us, and let's initiate a dialogue on how, together, we can transform "Whole of Workforce" healthcare into a cost-effective investment that drives your business performance forward.

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